We have five horse stalls available for rent to our customers. 

We provide the stalls, access to water and clean-up items including muck buckets and a wheelbarrow. Other tools can be provided upon request.

Horse owners are responsible for all care for their horses.

Stalls are 16’ x 20’ and consist of typical metal panels and gates. They all have clay/dirt floors.

Nightly Horse Rates

$25 per horse

Horse Stall Rules

All livestock owners must complete the “Release of Liability for Livestock” form.  In addition, owners must have all required livestock papers.

Before leaving, please do the following:

  1. Pick up all hay and muck and place in the trash dumpsters.
  2. For multiple animals, please use both trash dumpsters.
  3. The stalls were clean when you arrived, so please do your best to leave them the way you found them.  
  4. Rakes, shovels and buckets are available if needed.

Horse Stall Sizes

Horse stalls are 16’ x 20’.